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HAPPENING NOW - 'NOMNOM', Group Show, October 14-November 4th

A delicious food based show opening the night of October 14 during Nocturne, Art at Night Festival. Join us at the opening for a fast food collage experience. Orders can be taken at the food truck window and within a few minutes the ingredients will be arranged into your very own collage, placed in a wrapper and ready to enjoy! To learn more, visit the NOMNOM page here.

COMING UP - This Time Last Year, Jean Bergeron and From the Edge of the Pit, November 14-28

Jean Bergeron of Sanguenay, QC has been creating a collage a day from whatever papers cross his path each day. This show will highlight 2 weeks of this creative process and the works created between November 14-28 of 2022. Jeans work will be paired with the textile collage work of From the Edge of the Pit, local to Halifax. 



'Entrances and Exits', James MacSwain, September 10-30

Entrances and Exits, an exhibition by James MacSwain, consists of nine two-dimensional paper collages with a medium dimension of 25cm by 20cm. As indicated by the title, the work contemplates the entrance of one situation and the exit of another. These situations are built around the ruins of ancient Roman cities; around prophesies of apocalyptic destruction as one empire falls and another is born; around the historical lives of various characters that encounter the Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is an allegory that everyone experiences; in bad times poverty and failure come to us, but then the wheel revolves and we are granted success and riches. As well, Entrances and Exits plays with the tension between reason and irrationality, between the ancient past and modernity. As climate change and wars rattle the foundations of our own society, the question remains: what or who will enter the present and who or what will exit.


Eastern Son', S. Korey Steckle, June 30-September 09

This will be the first solo show for award winning Steckle on the East Coast since moving to Cape Breton from Ontario. 'Eastern Son' will feature 12 new original works from Steckle and a number of limited edition prints matted to 8x10 and 11x14. Viewers will note the precise cutting and placement of papers, featuring some of Steckle's own photography, in the abstract geometric works. Themes of capitalism, sex, race, class are tackled by the artist in these collages. Influences on the artist include Robert Raushenberg, Robert Mapplethorp, William S. Burroughs, and Marcel Duchamp.

'I have taken  the time in my studio located in Glace Bay to meditate, reflect and then execute and express in the medium of collage regarding what it means to be a Father and artist in this so called post truth era,' Steckle says. 


'Trashed - Art as Diversion', June 03-24 - A group exhibition working as both an informative and visually appealing look at the trash cycle of Nova Scotia, and how collage and assemblage artists are diverting items headed to the landfill into their art. 

This show will included a collaborative installation called 'Put a Lid on it', in which artists created collage or assemblage contained within a jar lid exploring what it means to put a stop to something. Folks could limit their ideas to the waste cycle or tackle a broader meaning to take in issues such as hatred, war or commercialism. 

'Put a Lid on It' artists include: 

Gavin Snow, Alexandra Merkx-Jacques, Jennifer Rae Forsyth, Jen Worden, Flavia Mauricio, Nina Silver, Rachel Zaenab Buhler, Peter Crouse, Daniel Guy, Violaine Ducharme, Josee Lachapelle, Donica Larade, MadCollage, Jerome Bertrand, Zanahoy, Suzan Mandla, Lisa Goodyear, Rhonda Barrett and Samantha Agar

Artworks by the gallery artists were on display with work from Gavin Snow, Rhonda Barrett, Peter Crouse and Kevin MacLean highlighted within the show. 


'From Life', Gavin Snow, April 27-May07 - A solo show of work by artist Gavin Snow showcasing collage and assemblage works that repurpose a myriad of found objects along side textured paint and gesso, raw and painted canvas, collaged papers and timely bits and pieces such as Covid-19 tests. Road signs, shop signs and curbside treasures are included in this collection of works created 'From Life'.


'Collage Lovers' - A Group Exhibition February 1-February 28th - A group exhibition of collage that explores the theme of 'collage lovers'. This can pertain to those who enjoy the medium, collage depicting love or exploring topics of affection, or ideas and themes around community and belonging. 

The following artists had work in this show:
Alexandra Merke-Jacques
Ebony Jansen
Jay Hodgson
Peter Crouse
Jen Worden
Rhonda Barrett

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