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UPCOMING - 'Trashed - Art as Diversion' - May 13-June03

A group exhibition working as both an informative and visually appealing look at the trash cycle of Nova Scotia, and how collage and assemblage artists are diverting items headed to the landfill into their art. 

This show will include a collaborative installation called 'Put a Lid on it', in which artists will create collage or assemblage contained within a jar lid exploring what it means to put a stop to something. Folks can limit their ideas to the waste cycle or tackle a broader meaning to take in issues such as hatred, war or commercialism. 

Artist list TBA.


PAST -  'Collage Lovers' - A Group Exhibition February 1-February 28th

A group exhibition of collage that explores the theme of 'collage lovers'. This can pertain to those who enjoy the medium, collage depicting love or exploring topics of affection, or ideas and themes around community and belonging. 

The following artists had work in this show:
Alexandra Merke-Jacques
Ebony Jansen
Jay Hodgson
Peter Crouse
Jen Worden
Rhonda Barrett

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