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April Showers Bring May Flowers - A group show 

The northern hemisphere is celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of growing season and hope for abundance at the end of it. In celebration also, of World Collage Day, May 11, 2024, Cuts and Paste Gallery is asked artists to submit work to ‘April Showers Bring May Flowers’, a group exhibition to be held from May 11-31.

The theme of the show was derived from the Thomas Tusser book, 100 Points of Husbandry written in 1557, in which the verse ‘Sweet April showers do spring May flowers’ can be found. Husbandry, or the care, cultivation and breeding of crops and animals, is arguably the skills of a past time considering most of the food and animal rearing in North America is done by commercial farmers. However, there has been a trend, here in Nova Scotia at least, for folks to develop a home garden, keep chickens and/or small livestock and attempt at some level to provide for themselves. 

An alternative meaning of the word husbandry is to manage and conserve resources.

Artists were asked to consider these meanings in the creation of original collage work that provides commentary on the role of humans in being stewards of the resources available to us, and nurturing caretakers of the lands upon which we live. How can we be better in these roles? How have we failed? What does the future hold? 

Additionally, every collage submitted incorporated ‘a flower’. Dried flowers, cutouts of florals, seed packets, etc. should be considered.

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