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NOMNOM - A Group Exhibition

Canadian artists were asked to submit collage and assemblage works that use or employ food imagery, packaging, preparation utensils or similar for an upcoming show to coincide with the annual Nocturne - Art at Night event in Halifax, NS. The exhibition will be hung in the gallery to be viewed alongside the interactive 'food truck inspired' installation proposed for this years Nocturne event, October 14, 2023 from 6pm to midnight. 

Inspiration could come from anything food related. Recipes, menus, take out bags, forks, ketchup bottles, advertisements, frying pans, wine corks, grocery receipts, pasta art, food labels, box board.

Artists that will have work in the show include:

Jay Hodgson

Nicole Leroy

Fraya McDougall

Peter Crouse

Jen Worden

Susan Wakal

Erin E. Turcotte

Jen McGowan 

Kim Hirtle

Rhonda Barrett

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