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Holiday Gift Guide - Cuts and Paste Edition

Collage art is a great gift in that a keen eye can catch an image, typography or piece of ephemera within a collage piece that truly speaks to the person for whom it is a gift. Or perhaps the piece as a whole can be appreciated by the proud new owner. Collage, as a fine art piece, is a gift that lasts for many years and offers an opportunity to keep the gifted person entertained for well beyond the holiday season.

Something Small

Looking for something to place in a stocking or an item that will bring a smile without a huge financial commitment? This list may be what you need:

Paper and Craft Packs- Try collage at home with paper hand picked by collage artist Varity Concert in a larger size with substrates included for making, or in smaller Craft Pack if you have paper to begin a collage with. $15 and $12

Stickers - A 6 pack of stickers from artist Roisin Cadieux based on her Caper's series of collages. Each sticker is about 2-3" high and will brighten up any surface with a fun character.

Holiday Ornament - Created with East Coast oyster shells, collage, pearls and gold acrylic paint by artist Nicole Ariana, these ornaments will add some nostalgic charm to your tree.

Prints and Reproductions - Consider an unframed print or reproduction and allow the giftee to have some say in how it is finished to match their style and decor. Many gallery artists provide works on paper that can easily be framed.

Original Art Gifts At or Under $100

Collage can be found as framed or unframed pieces, small or big, or even as sculptural assemblage pieces. If an original collage is what you would prefer, here are some ready to hang/display options that are more budget friendly.

Something Unique, One of a Kind

An original collage or assemblage can be a truly beautiful gift that captures, through the use of certain ephemera and techniques, something special between you and the person you chose to give the artwork to.

Have a fisherman on your list? Artist Leo Sepa may have created the perfect assemblage from metal bits and bobs to honour their hobby.

Maybe a loved one is a fan of Stan Rogers and artist Roisin Cadieux has created a tribute to him from vintage music sheets that would be cherished.

Have a love of textiles and sewing brough you and another close? Artist Flavia Mauricio brings her textile background to her collage work creating wonderfully layered pieces with sticthing and sewing implements added.

Photographer friend you'd love to impress with a collage that uses original photography from the artist? Korey Steckle has created a number of glorious architectural and geometric collages from his original photography.

Certain About Collage, But Unsure of the Exact Gift

This is exactly what gift cards were created for. Whether you are buying one for yourself to use at a later date or for somebody else, they leave the whole gallery as an option to fulfill it. Available as $25, $50 and $100 values at this link Gift Card | Cuts And Paste Galle (

I always think the best thing to do when buying art is to listen to the person for whom you are buying for clues. Know them well; honestly show interest in learning what matters to them. Or, pro tip, bring them in and see what they gush over.

Whatever you do this holiday season, do it with compassion and love. Don't go broke buying things that will not add happiness to anothers life or cause stress in your own. Be mindful about your gifting, but also about yourself. The holidays can also be stressful and bring up huge emotions that may not be so cheerful for a myriad of reasons. If you need to decompress and be idle a while, the gallery also has a fully stocked resource center where you can create a collage for yourself, or as a gift. It's a great way to enjoy the quiet meditative qualities of cuts and paste.

Happy Holidays!

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