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'Trashed: Art as Diversion' exhibition promotes thrifting!!

This show features an embroidered tee-shirt hanging on a thrifted hanger and exclaims 'A thrifted tee can save 700GAL of H2O'. The tag from the thrift store is still attached.

Like #collage and #assemblage, #thrifting is a great way to divert clothing and textiles away from the landfill. Did you know that according to a 2023 study by University of Waterloo and Seneca Collage, Canadians dump 500 Million kilograms of textiles each year. So, it's a big problem!

So, local Haligonians, you are looking to do some thrifting right? Cuts and Paste loves that and has done some work to help your search. Listed below are only some of the fantastic thrift and second-hand shops that might satisfy your need for new to you threads around Halifax.

Lost and Found, 2383 Agricola Street

Pinkies Thrift, 3486 Prescott Street

MEYVN, 2240 Gottigen Street

Vivian Moderna, 2093 Gottigen Street

Elsie's Clothing, 1530 Queen Street

The Loot Vintage, 1711 Barrington Street,

Guy's Frenchys, Various locations,

Of course Value Village and the Salvation Army Thrift Stores are also options. Several locations exist within HRM and are always popular locations.

There are also a long list of sustainable clothing retailers in Halifax in 2023. #Sustainablefashion is a term describing products, processes, activities and people that aim to achieve a carbon neutral fashion industry.

Within a 5 minute walk of the gallery there are the following sustainable fashion shops:

Vaughn's General Store, 2576 Agricola Street,

Bhavana Yoga Lifestyle Store, 3063 Gottigen Street #3,

Slowly Slowly, 5685 Cunard Street,

A cool local to Halifax event that supports sustainable wardrobes is the The Great Halifax Clothing Swap. Donate clothing to the event at the entrance and walk away with new to you treasures. Proceeds are donated to Laing House which supports 16-29 year old folks who have experienced the need for mental health help. Follow for more information.

Did you know it takes 400 gallons of water to grow the cotton for a simple T-shirt and up to another 300 gallons to manufacture it? So thrifting can help to save a lot of water. Thrifting one t-shirt can save enough water to sustain the average human for almost 4 years!!

It adds up. It's worth it.

Thrift happily and locally. #cutsandpastegallery

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