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Every Tuesday, ongoing start dates, 3pm-5pm

Ages : 10-14

The cost is for all 4 sessions and cannot be transferred or refunded. All sessions must be used as listed below. If you cannot make a session, there will be no partial refunds.

Adults are not required to stay, though they can, but must be available to deliver and pick up their children for the times listed. Water will be provided, but snacks are the responsibility of the youth/parent/family.


Fun is encouraged, but the gallery space is very small, and to protect the artworks which will be in close proximity, flippant behaviour cannot be tolerated.


Session 1: 3-5pm

Youth will be guided, through the creation of collage to recognize an abstract or representational element in an artwork. We will discuss symbolism and create our very own collage creature.


Session 2: 3-5pm

Youth will learn how to create an Eric Carle (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) inspired collage with watercolor on rice paper or tissue paper.


Session 3: 3-5pm

Youth will have the opportunity to create their collages in a surreal way. We will learn about exaggeration, whimsy and using scale to create surrealism.


Session 4: 3-5pm

Youth will create a paint with paper style collage of a simple landscape.

Collage for Youth Workshop Series - 4wk