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Get Stuck In- A group show 

A collage challenge was created that asked followers of the Canadian Collage Collective to create a collage in any style they chose, except randomly chosen stickers had to be highlighted within the works. 

A series of collages with sparkling unicorns, mermaids, sloths and colorful tree frogs, flowers and random bits appeared out of the studios of 16 artists.


The challenge, aptly named 'Get Stuck In', plays on the saying from the UK, where it means to start doing something enthusiastically, and the potential for artists to 'get stuck in' the process of incorporating a foreign element they may never have chosen for themselves. 

Artists in the show include:

Terri Ross, Zanahoy, Lisa Blond, F. Share, Deborah Danelley, Roan Bohonos, Tracey Garvey, Stephanie Clark, Louise de St. Jorre, Clive Knights, Bruna Franceschini, Erin Turcotte, Carole Terumi, Susan Wakal, A. Zahara and Jay Hodgson

Get Stuck In.jpg
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