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The gallery is currently not accepting submissions for artist representation as it is currently full. Please check for any 'Calls for Submissions' to any upcoming shows or exhibitions. 

OPEN Call for Submissions

'Trashed - Art as Diversion'

Canadian artists are asked to submit to a collaborative installation that will collectively be known as 'Put a Lid on It' and will be shown as part of a larger show called 'Trashed - Art as Diversion'. 

To put the lid on it, is to put a stop to something. Using metal bottle lids as a substrate, artists are asked to create collages or assemblages that look at putting a stop to waste, consumerism, climate change or any other themes they would like to tackle in which the main idea is to put a stop to something. 


The substrate, a metal bottle lid, is an object that most artists should have access to. The lid should be used with the flat top of the lid at the back of the work, and the collage or assemblage should be placed within the edges of the lid. The idea is to hang them using putty to reduce the need for many holes in the gallery wall, however, a metal d-ring or similar should be affixed to the back of the lid to allow buyers to hang them easily. Please ensure all lids are clean and sanitized. 

Lids will be sold for $25 each, no matter the size, with the artist receiving $20 for each lid sold. Artists are asked to submit a maximum of 5 lids to allow for more artists to participate. Shipping to the gallery is the responsibility of the artist, and the gallery will return any unsold lids to to the artists within 2 weeks of closing. 

Please send .jpg submissions or questions to and further instructions will be given. 

Submissions will be accepted no later than April 01, midnight. 

Invited artists will be notified by April 8th. 

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