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This Time Last Year - Jean Bergeron
with work by From the Edge of the Pit

Each day we are typically able to collect from the mundane happenings of the day some pieces

of paper that can attest to our comings and goings. Jean Bergeron, an artist from Sanguenay, QC has collected these pieces and created a collage a day with them since 2014 under the project titled Vie_pub_like on both Instagram and Facebook. Shown to the right is the collage created on November 25, 2022. Find the Facebook project here.


The works to be shown often employ these varied papers; newsprint, receipts, wrappers and packaging alongside mark making that is both intuitive but assured.  Bold mixed media collages arise from the everyday happenings of his life. Drawings, written word, and releases of energy in the form of thick lined doodles accompany the pieces to create the visual journal project. 

This show will only highlight two weeks worth of collages in this ongoing project from, you guessed it, 'This Time Last Year'. Read the blog about this exhibit here.

Accompanying the work will be textile collage works from a Halifax local artist, From the Edge of the Pit. Each piece hand created and sewn and like Bergeron, accompanied by drawings, ink, and mixed media to capture an idea or feeling in each piece. 

November 25.png