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Deep Cuts - Solo exhibition from Rhonda Barrett

On April 11, 2023 a phone call from Barrett's Mother and best friend left a deep cut in the foundation of memories that makes Barrett who she is. By May 09, 28 days later, her Mother had succumbed to her surprise liver cancer diagnosis, 4 weeks after receiving it. Less than 6 weeks later, her maternal Grandmother also passed, from lung cancer. 

This body of work explores the anger, frustration, guilt, shock and deep sadness that has left it's marks forever on Barrett. Using the medium of collage as a way to physically and emotionally work through the losses, the decollage artworks can be seen moving from manic and angry hacks to more controlled and accepting slices. 

We all experience life changing moments and this exhibition is a representation of one person moving through a depression using art and figuring out what is left to the layers of themselves.

An opening reception will be held April 12, Friday, from 6-9pm.

A black and white poster for 'Deep Cuts', a solo exhibition for Rhonda Barrett with opening night of April 12, 2024
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