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2024 Interior Design Trends Captured in Collage

Updated: Mar 15

After reading a #GoodHousekeeping article by Monique Valeris, posted by Halifax based realtor Tanya Smyk @tanya_smyk_halifax_realtor, entitled '21 Interior Design Trends That Will be Everywhere in 2024', I realized many items at the gallery fit the bill! You can read that article here to find all 21 trends, but I am only going to cover the first ten in this blog. Twenty one is a lot! So, here are the 2024 Interior design trends captured in collage.

Trend 1 - Woodgrain Millwork
As Collage - Natural Found Wood Elements

Jeanne Baker says 'we're seeing more and more clients want to expose their natural wood millwork'. Artist Gavin Snow uses #foundwoodobjects and the elements are as natural as you can get. Their work would compliment any interior that has natural wood millwork, but because the wood is often found in various states of finish, it won't compete with the millwork either.

Trend 2 - Brass Accents
As Collage - Vintage Brass Frames

'Versatile by nature, #brass exudes a classic and timeless appeal that creates a sense of sophistication in both traditional and modern design environments,' says Paul Kropp. This is absolutely true when it comes to the delicate, detailed work of Rebecca Clouatre currently at the gallery in simple brass frames.

Trend 3 - Bold Lighting
As Collage - Light Capturing Accordion Book

'Think large-scale for true fixtures, smaller for recessed cans and intricate, sculptural lighting that serves as statement pieces.' Great advice from Cortney Bishop. You really can't get more sculptural than this work from Jim MacSwain; his #accordioncollage with some back lighting coming through. It truly comes to life with some soft sunlight.

Trend 4 - Fluted Details
As Collage - The Hidden Texture and Layers in Resin

Joe McGuier says, 'We also love fluted detailing for the way the grooves play with light and shadow to create a captivating, unique texture.' Artist Julia Gonen uses layers of resin to separate her elements and in doing so causes the light to shift within the pieces and adding depth within her #resincollage work.

Trend 5 - Understated Opulence
As Collage - Sculpture with Unexpected Bits and Pieces

Artist Leo Sepa uses everyday metal objects to create intricate and detailed sculptural work. with bits that may have a little more swag than others. 'It's about adding in those little touches that feel a bit fancier without compromising the overall effortless and clean feel of the space', according to Shea McGee.

Trend 6 - Organic Light Fixtures
As Collage - Rattan as a 3D Element

'Not only does the texture of the materials such as rattan, wood, or clay add depth to the space, but when paired with the lighting hardware, it has a softer glow that creates a wonderful ambiance,' Lindye Galloway tells us. In the collage below it was used to create texture and the effect of light moving through and casting shadows upon the wall in a tangled web was considered by the artist, me, Rhonda Barrett.

Trend 7 - Saturated Color
As Collage - Bold Color and Pattern

'I love the move from neutrals to the energized use of bold and saturated colors in interiors.' I do too, Patrick Dragonette! Peter Crouse has been using bold color in his work since joining the gallery and he often pairs it with strong motifs and #typography.

Trend 8 - Vintage Furniture
As Collage - Vintage Images and Papers

It seems folks are losing their interest in cookie cutter furniture and big box store items. Now, according to Betsy Burnham, 'they’re willing to make an investment in real furniture, pieces that are well-built, thoughtfully and sustainably crafted, that will last and be passed down to the next generation.' When looking at Susan Wakals cheeky collage works presented in golden frames depicting the departed #QueenElizabeth surrounded by vintage tea packages, I see works that can easily be passed to another generation and remain relevant.

Trend 9 - Quiet Luxury
As Collage - Nostalgia With a Modern Twist

Adam Hunter tells us that 'Quiet Luxury' interiors will feature sustainable materials, discreetly integrated smart technology and a revival of classic design elements that evoke nostalgia while embracing the modern era." Paige Kurpjuweit easily uses nostalgic elements in her #minimalcollage artworks and frames them in a modern, uncomplicated style. Shhhh, it's quiet luxury.

Trend 10 - Wallpaper in Unexpected Places
As Collage - Wallpaper patterns in Architectural Collages

'Wallpaper has definitely made a comeback, but homeowners are starting to use it in unexpected places to bring in a little fun and surprise in spaces that, for the most part, get overlooked,' says Linda Hayslett. Artist Margaret Ryall uses wallpaper patterns in her work frequently, so if you are not feeling bold enough to cover a wall, add some pattern with your choice of collage artworks instead.

Collage can be so trendy right?!

Now remember, trends are really only guided suggestions. When choosing art, make sure you are the trendsetter and get whatever makes you feel good. But, if you need decoration ideas or are looking to integrate collage or assemblage art into your home, I can help! I have over a decade in helping people design and decorate their spaces. Just email me at to start a conversation.

Visit the gallery shop to see more. Show me what's trending.

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